ENSIDA “NIMITZ II” software is our real secret weapon. Specifically developed for racing, the version for the Alternative fuel market has endless possibility. Compared to the usual, even if more sophisticate, self learning “plug and play” package offered by the Competitors, ENSIDA “NIMITZ II” software has an active reading from the OBD protocol interacting and optimizing the MAP calibration.

Over 100 additional strategies give to the operator the opportunity to have full control. Calibration and strategies are applicable on each single cylinder if needed. OBD active reading give to the programmer all the tools to correct any glitch in performance or consumption. Additional strategies has been added to correct the fuel management algorithms  to easily match or exceed EPA test requirements. Other functions as FLEET MANAGEMENT; OEM sensor configuration; panels for extremely hot or cold environment; active diagnosis of the components and many more make ENSIDA “NIMITZ II” software unique in the alternative fuels electronics.