Danilo Gardi

In 1969 at Aldini Valeriani Technical Institute in Bologna Italy, Danilo began his studies in mechanical and electrical engineering. Additional studies followed at Georgio Cini Naval Academy in Venice, Italy. He officially graduated with Honors 1st in class of 2,124 students with a Mechanical Engineering degree. From 1976 through 1979 Danilo served in the Italian Navy as a combat helicopter pilot. From 1980 until 2005 Danilo was dedicated to designing and fielding breakthrough hardware and software essential to winning in the ultra competitive world of Le Mans Series auto racing. Cooperation with OEM manufacturers on matters of performance enhancement were commonplace with Danilo eventually consulting on some of the worlds most successful engines and engine control products including developing the famous Duratec Engine in use today. During his tenure as a race engineer, Danilo has been a constant force in forwarding the global field of alternative fuel systems as a whole. His early research and development discoveries have made possible the smooth and trouble-free way modern alternative fuel systems operate today.